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"...sang an insinuating Herodes, sung off the text.  His tenor was in good shape, absolutely secure,

"...sang an insinuating Herodes. His tenor was in good shape, absolutely secure, and sung with lyricism where so many others have just barked."

...confirms Herodes correct, distinct, potentially even more terrible than some hysterical Tetrarchs.

Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk


  "...puts his voice and body at the service of the Don Juan-esque role of Sergej, with an incisive and full-bodied voice, powerful and malleable, easy in its expressionistic tension, powerful in its emission and perfect acting skills.”

Das Wunder der Heliane


"...a magnificent Ian Storey, a full and vibrant tenor voice that immediately loves the role." 

"sustained the strenuous writing exultantly and tenderly."



  "It is disturbing how he is able to express vulnerability with his voice, touching how, with his natural, powerful, well-controlled tenor, he draws the psychological portrait of a human being eaten away by inferiority complexes."   

Tristan und Isolde


"Ian Storey's Tristan is a masterpiece of sculpture and psychological depth. (He) lives every note, every phrase, every accent, and renders the whole with a remarkable intensity. Most extraordinary was Ian Storey's performance in the hugely challenging third act in which he never lets the dramatic tension drop for a moment."

Peter Grimes


"Highly respected in Europe particularly for his performances of Wagner, the tenor's mighty voice impressed especially in the heftier musical passages, yet this was also a nuanced reading invested with subtlety, such as a daringly quiet sotto voce at the start of "Now the Great Bear and Pleiades" that made your hair stand on end." 

Tristan und Isolde



"Ian Storey once again confirms that his Tristan is among the most talented; singing is incisive in accents, passionate in phrasing, always careful in finding the right balance between music and text." 

"has remarkable acting skills and stage presence, and also a voice with a clear and powerful quality, capable of the slightest colour shades"



"At the core of the evening, Ian Storey gives a magnificent rendition of the prisoner, Florestan, with a voice which is as big and noble as it should be."

Das Wunder der Heliane - CD


  Ian Storey succeeds as 'The Stranger' with a marvelously silvery, heroic voice. ….. All in all, this recording is a veritable enrichment of the catalog, which in this case is so narrow, above all because of the unbelievable orchestral performance, the exquisite performances of Ms. Kremer and Mr. Storey.